March photo challenge prompts!

It's time for another month of photo challenge prompts! I'm most excited about doing #27 in March. I might want to do a little IG story video to go with it too!

Even if you haven't participated yet this year, feel free to jump in for March! :) Just tag your photos #brilliantphotoaday so everyone can see them! It's so fun to browse the hashtag, especially on days when the prompts include pictures of pets, haha! :)

I did order a chatbook of my January prompts but I actually still don't have it in hand to show you yet! I've been having issues with my mail delivery (my mailman has consistently been marking my items as "notice left" but not leaving me a notice in the mailbox, so I need to obsessively check tracking on things in order to actually get them delivered. I was in Florida when my chatbook was out for delivery and by the time I got home they had shipped it back to the sender! It doesn't even require a signature [even if it did, my parents were home] so this is all very frustrating and weird.) Anyway. They sent me a replacement so as soon as that arrives (assuming it is ACTUALLY DELIVERED) I will definitely share it here! :) Sorry, didn't mean to go on a huge USPS tangent but it's honestly driving me crazy right now..